What is SCODIX?


What is SCODIX?

Scodix is a print finish that adds a luxury look and feel to ordinary print runs by producing a raised ink effect. It is a digital enhancement printed on top of an image after the printing and laminating process. 

SCODIX - Design for the Best Results.

SCODIX looks best when you follow some basic design fundamentals where often LESS can be MORE when adding SCODIX to your design.

There are a few rules to follow to achieve the best result when applying SCODIX.

SCODIX - Trim Areas

SCODIX High Build cannot bleed outside of trim area. (Please leave 3mm from the edge of the SCODIX application to the product trim area)

SCODIX - Score Lines

SCODIX High Build cannot be applied over the score/fold areas of a Presentation Folder. (Please leave 3mm from the SCODIX application to the product score/fold area)

SCODIX - Business Cards

SCODIX Business Card options are only available at 90 x 55mm trim size.
Supplying Final Artwork

When supplying final artwork, SCODIX artwork should be supplied as an extra PDF set as 100% Spot Colour named ‘Scodix’.

Things to Avoid

For the best effects, avoid applying SCODIX to thin lines, small text or finely detailed artwork.

How to Setup Your Files

  • Open your artwork in Indesign
  • Create a new layer for the SCODIX separation
  • Select the elements you wish to enhance and duplicate them to the new SCODIX layer
  • Create a new colour swatch and name it 'Scodix'
  • Select colour type "Spot Colour", and convert all SCODIX elements to this spot colour
  • SCODIX elements are all set to 100% Opacity
  • Export this SCODIX layer as a single PDF with all trim marks

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